History of the company

In 1990 the enterprise was founded as GmbH (Ltd.) by four young engineers, experienced in scientific production of special devices for several years. Thus, representatives in the fields of applied research and device fabrication met and put the foundation-stone for the company, which is resident in Potsdam, capital of the federal state Brandenburg close to Berlin.

Bernd Thinius, Dr. Eng., and Karsten Schlegel, M.Sc., partners of the TOSS GmbH, are entered in the trade register of the city of Potsdam under number HRB 2199. The enterprise has developed further continuously concerning the operation fields, product variety and the number of coworkers since setting up itself. For many years we have co-operated intensively with well-known research facilities, such as the Hahn-Meitner-Institute in Berlin. For example, we implemented technologically complex, but  high-safety-relevant apparatuses and control systems for projects  in  human medicine and  neutron activation analysis.


Since 1991 the TOSS company has developed and produced several devices for automation and experiment control for the Hahn-Meitner-Institute.

For these purposes, studies were necessary regarding the areas of hard and software developement, as well as construction and production of mechanic structure elements.

Hitherto, orders were realized as follows:

  • Quartz glass-melting facility VBQ 10 as a freely programmable automat, for fusing of quartz glass ampoules in the laboratory, compensation of the dexterity of a glass blower

  • Automatic sample transport and store facility for quartz glass ampoules for feeding of a Gi-Li drill hole detector

  • Process control equipment for the dry irradiation facility at the reflector edge of the research reactor (16 set links, 20 analogous and digital sensors)

  • Quartz glass-melting facility VBQ 20, successor of the VBQ 10, especially up to power capability and for serial production

  • Secondary slide control systems St 192

  • Divers electronic structure sets and devices, as well as production of mechanical small and special samples and solutions for automation, e.g. cutting facilities for transport containers, divers heating regulators, control devices etc.

  • Irradiation-protected quartz glass ampoules cleaning machine RAQ 10 for full-automatic cleaning of irradiated quartz glass ampoules by extremely aggressive cleaning liquids

  • Self-sufficient safety device ASE as an independent, redundant 2-processor control system as an security core of the proton beam irradiation facility against eye tumors (high-safety relevant because of application to humans), first application in medical techniques in Germany

  • Developement and manufacturing of an electronic control system for the transport facility PTE 1 within the security area of the research reactor. The facility allows the transport of radioactive samples from the reactor hall to an adjacent laboratory room

It is to pronounce with the assessment of the activities:

  • All of the delivered devices were of impeccable quality and completely fitted our requirements.

  • The attached documentation was sufficiently and clearly arranged in size. It could directly be used in this form within the licence procedure of the applicated devices relevant for reactor experiments

  • Dates were noted exactly.

  • We particularly found it effectively that the co-workers of the company were used to a flexible working style with scientists by their former activity within the Max-Eyth-Institute.

  • The company’s availability was unusually good in cases of urgently necessary changes or repairs.

We can recommend the TOSS company for the carrying out of jobs of the above-mentioned way without reservation.

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