Weather station UNIKLIMA - device concept

UNIKLIMA data logger register and store weather variables.
Further information about the different types of logger, you receive on the individual data sheets.

     UNIKLIMA data logger

  Newest generation of automatic network-able weather stations
  UNIKLIMA vario: concept, netzwork connections, communication forms

  Weather station UNIKLIMA vario with Ethernet functions (No. 20301)
  WLAN radio connection for network-able weather station UNIKLIMA vario (No. 20400)
     UNIKLIMA - complete systems

Some applications always recur. Therefore we have already prepared complete solutions for you for some applications well-known to us. Further information to your particular wish you receive on request or regarding the sensors on the individual data sheets.

  Climatic data for solar power stations
  Climatic data for wind power stations
  Complete mobile weather station with 2m mast
  Complete stationary weather station with 10 m mast
  Complete station for the dump area

  Frost warning device UNIKLIMA frost (No. 20401)

  Pathogenic agent monitoring in fruit-growing

  Pathogenic agent monitoring in hop growing

  TFB weather

     UNIKLIMA vario - Additional devices
  GPS receiver for GEO coordinates and navigation (No. 101212)
  Multiple standard current interface module(4x20mA) (No. 10200)

     UNIKLIMA vario - Supplementary modules

  SMS sending and auto answer by UNIKLIMA vario (No. 30101)

  SYNOP generation by UNIKLIMA vario (No. 30102)

  METAR generation by UNIKLIMA vario (No. 30103)

  Email sending by UNIKLIMA vario (No. 30104)

  FTP upload by UNIKLIMA vario (No. 30105)
  Time synchronization by time server (No. 30106)
  Frost warning module UKvario including SMS sending (No. 30107)
  Frost warning module UKvario without SMS sending (No. 30108)
  SNMP application for UNIKLIMA vario (network management) (No. 20924)
  KNX Twisted Pair interface for UNIKLIMA vario (No. 20925)
  KNX NetIP interface for UNIKLIMA vario (No. 20926)

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