Pathogenic agent monitoring in fruit cultivation

  • completely installed cross beam with sensor technology for patogenic agent prognosis 
  • automatic weather station for data storage and graphic and numeric representation on the spot
  • extensive software with 16 patogenic agent prognosis models (freely expandable) for subsequent processing on PC
     Components and order numbers
  • 20301
  • 10111
  • 10129
  • 10105
  • 10110
  • or 10116
  • 10109
  • or 10141
  • or 10144
  • 30501
  • 30310

For the determination of the probability of occurring of pathogenic agents in the cultivation of fruit and the direct planning of optimized plant protection measures, UNIKLIMA 7 is offered with the accordingly needed sensors and a special software - the UK_TOSS AGRARIAN package I - particularly  developed for it. This version is to be operated with an unheated rain-gauge throughout the entire vegetation period. In connection with a heatable rain-gauge and the extension with wind sensors, it becomes an all year round applicable weather station with all climatic factors, basically important for the farmer, including its annual archiving.

This complete station covers the automatic weather station UNIKLIMA as well as a cross beam from anodized aluminum square tube with all necessary fastening parts for wall or mast assembly. The sensors are completely fixed and pre-installed on the cross beam up to the sensor box, which likewise belongs to the scope of supply. The standard cable length to UNIKLIMA is 50m - because of the radiant heat of buildings the recommended minimum distance amounts to 15m. Other cable lengths are adapted as desired.

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