SMS sending and auto answer by UNIKLIMA vario


  • Additional module for the weather station UNIKLIMA vario
  • Sending of SMS, for example alerts, frost warning
  • Auto answer mode - response SMS (e.g. weather data) on SMS request => weather on the mobile phone
  • Management of up to 10 phone numbers for SMS sending
  • Management of up to 10 templates for SMS sending
  • Management of up to 10 different sending rules (what is to be sent when and where)
  • Macro function - dynamically generated data can be inserted in SMS by using keywords
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Switching conditions and SMS sending

At a weather station UNIKLIMA vario, equipped with a GSM/GPRS modem, SMS messages can be defined parallel to the ON or OFF switching conditions. In this way critical states, warnings, alarm notifications or status reports are currently available as SMS over a mobile telephone.

If the respective switching condition is reached a SMS once is sent, consisting of the name of the station, followed by a text that was entered by the user, the current measured values and the states of switching conditions. The use of the special keyword ("DOUT") in a sending command includes the current switching states and conditions into the SMS.

Each up to 10 different phone numbers and text messages can be entered by the user and then be saved. By the SMS sending command is defined which text messages and which additional data shall be sent to which phone numbers. The additional data are selected by keywords and can be combined with the text messages and phone numbers to sending commands in any way.

key words for additional, dynamically generated data


name of the station
current weather station data
wet temperature, frost temperature, air temperature, rel. humidity
weather data in SYNOP format
weather data in METAR format
digital switching output

If the automatically generated SMS exceeds the permissible number of 160 characters, it is divided into two SMS and both of them are sent to the phone numbers. The maximum number of characters per sending command therefore is limited to 320 characters.

Auto answer

This further SMS operation mode, which can be used alone or virtually parallel to the mode described above, realizes an automatic SMS request/response regime.

If a SMS featuring the keyword "weather" is sent to the weather station by a user, the station answers an automatic SMS containing the current weather data. Since the GSM modem must cover both the PPP server and the two SMS modes of operation, it can last up to 2 min until the response can be sent. An established PPP connection always has the highest priority so that SMS operation is not possible while the PPP connection is active.


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