SYNOP / METAR generation by UNIKLIMA vario


  • additional module for the weather station UNIKLIMA vario
  • generation of SYNOP / METAR weather messages
  • terminal software for input of weather observations
  • 180 national (DWD) and international groups are realized
     Order numbers
  • SYNOP: 30102
  • METAR: 30103

Standardized protocols are used for the exchange of weather data of manned and automatic weather stations between national and international institutions and in the flying weather service. If corresponding optional protocols are integrated in the SYNOP and METAR format they can be adapted to the location conditions and weather station equipment.

For manned stations a terminal software is available (Windows over FTP). It allows the input of various weather observations which are included in the automatic generation of protocols at the synoptic main, minor and intermediate times.

180 national (DWD = German Weather Service) and international groups of the following sections are realized.

Section 0 - Identification and Location (global groups)
Section 1 - Land Observations (global groups)
Section 2 - Sea Surface Observations (maritime global groups)
Section 3 - Climatological Data (regional groups)
Section 4 - Clouds below Station Level (national groups)
Section 5 - Complemental Climatological Data (national groups)

(example of a SYNOP protocol description)

The generated SYNOP/METAR messages are saved in the weather station, and are available for retrieval.

With the separate UNIKLIMA vario module SMS sending and auto answer the  SYNOP/METAR messages can be sent as SMS to mobile phones, too.


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