SNMP application for UNIKLIMA vario (network management)

  • additional module for the weather station UNIKLIMA vario
  • network interface for the weather station UNIKLIMA vario for the use in the sector of network management
  • Simple Network Management Protocol version 1 (SNMPv1)
  • TOSS Private Enterprise Number 35083
  • dynamic MIB for customer specific sensor equipment (download)
     Order number
  • 20924

The Simple Network Management Protocol is a network protocol in order to can control and monitor various network-able devices centrally. Within the scope of a network management different components (sensors, printers, routers etc) can be read, monitored, remote controlled and parameterised, but also independent error messages can be generated and error notification be sent to the control room. UNIKLIMA vario with a great selection of various climatic sensors works as independent SNMP agent and makes the measured values available in the net in standardized way. The SNMP agent in the UNIKLIMA vario realizes the following functionality:

GET: request for a management data record

GETNEXT: retrieval of the successional data record, customer specific sensor equipment and parameter records such as system time, location, IP address, measuring interval etc (see MIB)

SET: modification of parameter records by the center

RESPONSE: answer to one of the previous packages

TRAP: UNIKLIMA vario independently sends error messages such as sensor, exceeding of measuring range

The managed objects which are realized in the UNIKLIMA vario are available for download in the Management Information Base (MIB) and thus allow a short-term and smooth integration in the management system of the user. The specific structures like name, data type, access rights (read-only, read-write, not-accessible), status (Mandatory, Optional, Deprecated, Obsolete), description and OID can be taken from the MIB

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