GPS receiver for GEO coordinates and navigation

Riff Nienhagen

GEO coordinates
N 52 26' 21'' E 13 00' 54''

  • additional equipment for the weather station UNIKLIMA vario
  • GPS receiver module with integrated antenna
  • determination of the own location
  • provides the precise time
  • RS232 serial or USB interface (for stand alone operation)
     Order number
  • 101212


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global navigation satellite system for positioning and timing. It has established itself as the world's most important location method. The whereabouts of the user of a GPS receiver are not trackable, though, because the devices are currently working passively and do not send any signals. This will keep the data protection.

The GPS receiver provides the UNIKLIMA vario the current geographical coordinates. Thus the position of the weather station is located very precisely.

In addition, the GPS receiver provides the time with an accuracy of 1 micro-second. The internal clock of the weather station is synchronized with the received GPS time and thus the weather data always get a very exact time stamp.


     Technical data

Receiver: 50 channels

Sensitivity: -160 dBm

Interface: USB / serial RS232 (if used as separate device)

Antenna: built-in

Protocols: MEA-0183 V3.01 GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG

Date: GS-84


Update rate: 1/second

speed: 0.1 m/sec.
position: 5 m
time: 1 micro-sec.

Altitude limit: 18000 m (60000 feet) max.

Speed limit: 515 m/s (1000 knots) max.

Acquisition times:
cold start: 30 sec.
warm start: 25 sec.
quick start: 1 sec.

Operating temperature: -40 C +85 C

     Measuring, controlling, adjusting with this sensor...   =>    UNIKLIMA vario

Please also check to what extent our automatic, network-able, measured value registration and control device UNIKLIMA vario fully meets your requirements already.

  • registration of climatic data
  • process controlling and monitoring, generating and switching of alarm notifications

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