KNX/EIB interface for UNIKLIMA® vario (facility management)

  • additional module for the weather station UNIKLIMA® vario
  • KNX interface for the weather station UNIKLIMA® vario for use in facility management
  • TP interface for the conventional two-wire bus connection, integrated KNX plug-in module
  • network interface for Ethernet networks via KNX NetIP, integrated KNX software stack
     Order numbers
  • 20925 KNX Twisted Pair (TP) interface
  • 20926 KNX NetIP interface

Regardless of the used KNX interface TP or NetIP up to 18 sensors can be connected to the UNIKLIMA® vario if fully equipped. These 18 sensors each have 5 KNX object data points for the single intervals of measurement (seconds, minutes, hours, day, flexible measurement interval), as well as 6 digital inputs and outputs. Additionally, 20 items of system information of the weather station are available.

A selection of 70 different sensors is available with the corresponding KNX data point types, such as barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, radiation etc.

Sensor (German) Sensor(English) DPT ID DPT name und unit
Absolute Luftfeuchte [g/m³] Absolute humidity [g/m³] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Analog [%] Analog [%] 5.001 DPT_Scaling [0..100%]
Ausgang [sec] Digital output [sec] 9.010 DPT_Value_Time1 [s]
Azimut(N) Sonne [°] Azimut(N) sun [°] 5.003 DPT_Angle [0…360°]
Beleuchtungsstärke [Lux] Illuminance [Lux] 9.004 DPT_Value_Lux [Lux]
Blattnässe [%] Leaf wetness [%] 5.001 DPT_Scaling [0..100%]
Blattnässedauer [sec] Leaf wetness duration [sec] 9.010 DPT_Value_Time1 [s]
Bodentemperatur [°C] Soil temperature [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
Deponietemperatur [°C] Dump temperature  [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
Diffuse Strahlung [W/m²] Diffuse radiation [W/m²] 144-Octet Float Value
Echter Hopfenmehltau [TA] Hop powdery mildew [Day] 14 2-Octet Unsigned Value
Eingang [sec] Digital input [sec] 9.010 DPT_Value_Time1 [s]
Elektroenergie-Kanal [W] Electro energy channel [W] 14.056 DPT_Value_Power [W]
Error Error 142-Octet Unsigned Value
Feuchttemperatur [°C] Temp. wet calculated [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
Formelinterpreter Formula interpreter 144-Octet Float Value
Frequenz [Hz] Frequency [Hz] 14.033 DPT_Value_Frequency [Hz]
Nasstemperatur [°C] Frost temperature [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
Gas [m³] Gas [m³] 14.076 DPT_Value_Volume [m³]
Globalstrahlung [W/m²] Solar radiation [W/m²] 144-Octet Float Value
Globalstrahlung CMP [W/m²] Solar radiation CMP [W/m²] 14 4-Octet Float Value
GS1 ohne Glas [W/m²] SR1 without glass [W/m²] 144-Octet Float Value
GS2 hinter Glas [W/m²] SR2 behind glass [W/m²] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Höhenwinkel Sonne [°] Altitude(N) sun [°] 14.007 DPT_Value_AngleDeg [°]
Hopfenindex Hop index 14 2-Octet Unsigned Value
Künstl.Bewässerung [mm] Artificial irrigation [mm] 9.026 DPT_Rain_Amount [l/m²]
Luftdichte [g/m³] Air density [g/m³] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Luftdruck [Pa] Barometric pressure [Pa] 9.006 DPT_Value_Pres [Pa]
Lufttemperatur [°C] Temperature [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
Max. absol. Luftfeuchte [g/m³] Max. absolute humidity [g/m³] 144-Octet Float Value
Max. Dauerstromstärke [A] Max. permanent current [A] 14.019 DPT_Value_Electric_Current [A]
Niederschlag [mm] Precipitation [mm] 9.026 DPT_Rain_Amount [l/m²]
Niederschlag manuell [mm] Precipitation manually [mm] 9.026 DPT_Rain_Amount [l/m²]
Niederschlagsdauer [sec] Precitipation duration [sec] 9.010 DPT_Value_Time1 [s]
NR-Intensität [Imp/min] Precit.-intensity [imp/min] 14 2-Octet Unsigned Value
Ortsdosisleistung [nSv/h] Gamma Dose Rate [nSv/h] 144-Octet Float Value
Ozon [µA] Ozone [µA] 14 4-Octet Float Value
PAR-Strahlung [µA] PAR radiation [µA] 144-Octet Float Value
Pegel [cm] Level [cm] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Phar-Strahlung [µmol/m²s] Phar radiation [µmol/m²s] 144-Octet Float Value
Photovoltaik [µA] Photo voltaic [µA] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Psychrotemp.naß [°C] Temperature wet [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
Psychtemp.trocken [°C] Temperature dry [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
Radioaktivität [nGy/h] Radioactivity [nGy/h] 144-Octet Float Value
Relais [sec] Relay [sec] 9.010 DPT_Value_Time1 [s]
Relative Luftfeuchte [%] Relative humidity [%] 9.007 DPT_Value_Humidity [%]
Sättigungsdampfdruck Eis [hPa] Satur. vapor press. ice [hPa] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Sättigungsdampfdruck H20 [hPa] Satur. vapor press. H2O [hPa] 144-Octet Float Value
Sonnenscheindauer [sec] Sunshine duration [sec] 9.010 DPT_Value_Time1 [s]
Spannung [mV] Voltage [mV] 9.020 DPT_Value_Volt [mV]
Strom [µA] Current [µA] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Taupunkt-Temperat. [°C] Dew point temperature [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
UV-Strahlung [W/m²] UV radiation [W/m²] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Verdunstung (Haude) [mm] Evaporation (Haude) [mm] 144-Octet Float Value
Verdunstung berechnet [mm] Evaporation calculated [mm] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Wärmeleistung [W] Warmth power [W] 14.056 DPT_Value_Power [W]
Wasserbilanz [mm] Water balance [mm] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Wind-Chill-Index [°C] Wind chill index [°C] 9.001 DPT_Value_Temp [°C]
Windgeschwindigkeit (K) [kts] Wind speed (kts) [kts] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Windgeschwindigkeit [m/s] Wind speed [m/s] 9.005 DPT_Value_Wsp [m/s]
Windhöhe [°] Wind elevation angle [°] 14.007 DPT_Value_AngleDeg [°]
Wind-Leistung [kW] Wind power [kW] 9.024 DPT_Power [kW]
Windmaximum (K) [kts] Wind maximum (kts) [kts] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Windmaximum [m/s] Wind maximum [m/s] 9.005 DPT_Value_Wsp [m/s]
Windrichtung [°] Wind direction [°] 5.003 DPT_Angle [0…360°]
Windstärke [Bf] Wind force [Bf] 20.014 DPT_Beaufort_Wind_Force_Scale
Wind-Volumenstrom [m³/s] Wind volume [m³/s] 14 4-Octet Float Value
Zeit [sec] Time [sec] 9.010 DPT_Value_Time1 [s]

The PC software tool ETS (Engineering Tool Software) allows the planning, design and starting.
Project database file of the UNIKLIMA® vario for the ETS to download.

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