Radiation protection for sensors 10111

   Radiation protection with in-sting thorn for sensors close to ground 10132

Strahlenschutz für Kombisensor


10132 with in-sting thorn

  • protection of the sensors from radiation influences, contamination and damages
  • thermoplastic antistatic material, resistant against UV radiation, with low thermal conductivity and high reflection (Luran S777K from BASF)
  • lamellas flexibly expandable
  • in-sting thorn for sensors close to ground
     Order number
  • 10111
  • 10132 (with in-sting thorn)

The universally applicable radiation protection ensures the optimal protection of the sensors against external radiation influences, as well as against contamination and damages. An unhindered convection of air favors the initial transient behaviour of the sensor technology.

The radiation protection consists of individual lamellas, which are fixated by distance pieces and fastened with three knurled nuts on a three point holding device. The protection can be used also for sensors with other dimensions by extension or reduction of lamellas.

The radiation protection is an indispensable prerequisite for the outside application of temperature and humidity sensor technology.


     Technical data
Standard: 16 lamellas (12 open, 4 closed)

Usable interior: diameter 35 mm, height of maximally 180 mm, expandable in steps of 20 mm

Outside diameter: 124 mm

Overall height: 240 mm (16 lamellas)

Weight: 0.8 kg

In-sting thorn: 300 mm

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