Soil thermometer


  • soil temperature determination
  • 2 different designs
  • inserting thermometer with 2 different inserting lengths: 300 mm and 500 mm
  • thermometer for burying at different penetration depth
  • software calibration
     Order number
  • Inserting thermometer 300 mm: 10106
  • Inserting thermometer 500 mm: 10107
  • Thermometer for burying: 10108

The soil thermometer is used  for the measurement of soil temperatures in different measuring depths in connection with UNIKLIMA. The inserting thermometer was developed particularly for still unaffected, grown soils and is available in two different lengths.

All sensors are adjusted again  in our climatic cabinet despite manufacturer calibration.  The free exchangeability of the sensors without local alignment with accuracies achieved in the climatic cabinet is given by the software calibration.


     Technical data
Measuring range: -50... +80C
Resolution: 0.1 K

Absolute measuring error: 0.15 K (-20... +50C) or 0.30 K (-50... +80C)
Repetition accuracy: 0.05 K

Maximum inserting lengths: 300 or 500 mm
Diameter: 8 mm

Connecting cable: 2m

all measurements are in millimeters

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