Pyranometer (global radiation)


  • registration of the global radiation of the sun
  • continuous spectral sensitivity - wide spectral range
  • thermocouple
  • temperature compensation
  • durably, weather-resistant
  • in compliance with ISO 9060
     Order number
  • 10146

The sensor measures the solar radiation.
Due to its continuous spectral sensitivity and the temperature compensation, the sensor is also applicable under conditions with very high or low temperatures and with conditions, on which the spectrum differs strongly from the ideal solar spectrum, e.g. with clouds, under plant shading, in the case of reflection radiation or lamp light.


     Technical data
Spectral range:
310 - 2800 nm

5-15 V/Wm2

Response time (95%):
< 18s

Non-linearity (0-1000 W/m2):
< 2.5%

Non-stability (change/year):
< 1%

Field of view (degrees):

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