Air pressure sensor BARO2 with standard output 4..20mA

Kombinationssensor Temperatur/Luftfeuchte

  • registration of the atmospheric air pressure
  • laser-trimmeded measuring sensor
  • hardware-based compensation of the temperature dependence
  • durable casing
     Order number
  • Air pressure sensor BARO2 900hPa-1100hPa with 4..20mA output: 10151

  • Air pressure sensor BARO2a 800hPa-1000hPa with 4..20mA output: 10152

  • Air pressure sensor BARO2b 700hPa-900hPa with 4..20mA output: 10153

  • Air pressure sensor BAROx with customized output on request: 10154


Electronic measuring sensor for the registration of the atmospheric air pressure. 

The primary pressure absorber is based on a silicon absolute pressure sensor item, whose function is based on the piezo-resistive effect. It is measured against a vacuum as the reference. It has an internal active temperature compensation for a wide temperature range. 

The electrical measuring signal is changed into a standardized output signal in a following switched transducer electronics. The measured air pressure depends on the measuring point. For this reason, in the meteorology, all pressure indications are referred to sea level. Therefore, the air pressure sensor has to be adapted with the help of a table (barometric elevation formula) according to the setting up height. 

It is supplied in a sturdy and impact-resistant plastic casing. 

Fields of application
climatic data registration, 
laboratory and environmental technology, general automatic control engineering 
in industry and agriculture


     Technical data

Measuring range: 900... 1100 hPa
Absolute measuring error: 1.0 hPa
Resolution in UNIKLIMA: 0.1hPa
Operating temperature: -40...+60C

Electric output:
4... 20mA

Operating voltage: 15...30V DC (brown)
Dimensions: 80x80x55mm
Connecting cable: shielded two wires 2m

     Measuring, controlling, adjusting with this sensor...   =>    UNIKLIMA vario

Please also check to what extent our automatic, network-able, measured value registration and control device UNIKLIMA vario fully meets your requirements already.

  • registration of climatic data
  • process controlling and monitoring, generating and switching of alarm notifications

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