Rain-gauge with heating, resolution 0.1mm, with double tilting balance


  • all-season precipitation measurement
  • resolution 0.1 mm
  • stainless steel double tilting balance
  • analogous precipitation intensity output in pulses / min (order number 10116)
  • intensity output 4..20mA = 0..10mm/min (order number 10117)
  • intensity curve linearization for heavy rainfall 0..10mm/min (without UNIKLIMA vario only for order number 10117)
  • two separate electronic PID heating controls (PWM) for exact temperature following and little losses by evaporation (only order numbers 10116, 10117)
  • material: weatherproof high-grade steel and anodized aluminium
  • alignment by adjusting head
  • quickly to dismantle and easy to clean
     Order number
  • heated rain-gauge 0.1 mm: 10116 (standard)
  • heated rain-gauge 0.1 mm with analog intensity output 4..20mA: 10117
  • power supply unit for heating and temperature control: 10120
  • stand base for rain-gauges: 11003

The high-precision heated rain gauge can be used in conjunction with the UNIKLIMA weather station but also stand alone for all-year precipitation and intensity measurement, also during the frost period.
Funnel, stand cylinder, outer casing and the fixing screws consist of weatherproof high-grade steel, whereas the base plate and the dripper off are made from anodized aluminium. The rain-gauge is quickly taken apart by detaching of a few screws and therefore easily to be cleaned or maintained, respectively.
The heating and the processor controlled electronics is fed by a separate external power supply (24V DC, 110W max., order number 10120). Two separate electronic PID heating controls for funnel unit and base plate ensure an exact individual temperature following by pulse width modulation. The temperature of the stainless steel funnel is kept only a few degrees above zero what strongly minimizes losses by evaporation. The higher warmed up base plate with the measuring unit surely is kept free of frost. The processor unit besides controlling the heating system also provides an intensity output and a curve linearization for high accuracy requirements.


     Measurement principle

The measurement principle is based on impulse counting by a double tilting balance with magnet and a reed contact. There is the possibility of a recalibration in the maintenance cycle.
The collector catching surface amounts to 200 cm2 in accordance with the guidelines of the German Weather Service.
With a special stainless steel adjusting head and a measuring water level on the base plate the rain gauge can be aligned horizontally with relation to the stand base in a swivel range of 3.


     Installation instructions

The measuring height of the rain gauge's upper border should be 1 m above the ground (short cropped turf). For the operation and the horizontal alignment of the rain gauge the stand base with spike (order number 11003) is required.
With respect to an adjacent mast construction the rain gauge should be installed in main weather direction, i.e. in Northern to North-West direction in Germany.
Implicit attention must be paid to the avoidance of rain shading and a horizontal orientation of the rain gauge (water level on the bottom plate).


     Technical data
Resolution: 0.1mm

Collector catching surface: 200cm

Intensity output: 4..20mA = 0..10mm/min (only order number 10117)

Diameter: 200mm
Height: 286mm

Weight: 4kg

Measuring water level for horizontal alignment

Operating temperature: -35... +60C

Electronic PID heating control (only order numbers 10116, 10117):
Funnel temperature: +3C
Base plate temperature: +5C (up to +20C in dependence on the falling outside temperature under retention of the funnel temperature of 3C, max. up to 110W)


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