Stand base for rain-gauges

  • attachment of the rain-gauges in the soil
  • precipitation measurement in 1 m height
  • high-grade steel, 100% stainless - long lifetime
     Order number
  • 11003

The stand base serves to attach the heated rain-gauges (resolution 0.1 mm, order number 10116).

The construction is out of high-grade steel and provided with a spike for attachment in the soil.

The stand base should be inserted into the soil in such a way that the rain-gauge (upper edge) is able to measure in 1.0 m height.

The heated rain-gauges are provided with an adjusting heading in each case, which is fastened to the stand base by two screws. The adjustment of the rain-gauge is made manually by the adjusting heading.


     Technical data

Length: 1.1 m
Measuring height for rain-gauges: 1 m

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