Leaf wetness-dew-sensor BLN1

  • determination of dew and surface wetness on leaves
  • sensor for plant protection module
     Order number
  • Leaf wetness sensor: 10128-B
  • Dew sensor: 10128-T

The leaf  wetness sensor serves to determine dew and surface wetness on leaves. An absorbent test sheet fastened in the sensor takes up the rain water and forms an electrical resistance dependent on the wetting degree.  This resistance is measured in connection with two Crozat electrodes and from this the leaf wetness is calculated in %, as well as the leaf wetness duration in minutes  .

The leaf wetness sensor operates with a test sheet from a special paper felt. This test sheet must be checked and exchanged in regular intervals (every three months).


     Technical data
Measuring range: 0... 100%
Range of application: 0... +60C
Weight: 0.3kg
Overall size: L x W x H 250 x 60 x 20 mm

all measurements are in millimeters

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