Density of light sensor with standard output  4..20mA

  • registration of the density of light
  • adjusted to the sensitivity of human eyes Vlambda
  • maximum photosensitiveness with 550nm
  • internal temperature compensation
     Order number
  • 10196

The density of light sensor is used for the measurement of the natural density of light in nature.
As sensor element a surface photodiode is used made of silicon. An internal signal processor takes over the characteristic linearization, as well as the temperature and dark current compensation. 
According to standard it is fastened on an aluminium cross beam in 2 m height. The cross beam can fastened to the TOSS GmbH available 2 m or. 10 m mast plant, in addition, to each mast made available by the user.
The spatial adjustment should take place with the help of a put on leveling indicator or spirit level horizontal, sensor cathedral upward.
With the attachment of the sensor it is to be noted that he may not be shaded by objects of the environment. Therefore the sensor on a cross beam should be attached in south direction.

Fields of application
Employment in climatic data collection, laboratory and environmental technology, automatic control engineering, agriculture or in greenhouses The sensor assigned e.g. for the evaluation of the efficiency of solar energy plants 
=> correlation analysis density of light - electric power, 
=> energy module, stock No.: to 30420, in the agriculture for evaporation models
=> see water balance, stock No.: to 30440. for the determination of the duration of sunshine. .


     Technical data
Measuring range: 0 ... 120 kLux
Spectral range (with 10% of Smax): 380 ... 820nm
Maximum photosensitiveness with: 550nm
Application temperature: -25 ... +70C
internal temperature compensation

Electrical output: 4 ... 20mA
Operating voltage: +15 ... +30 V DC (brown)
Ground GND (white), screen (blue)
Connecting cable: shielded two-wires 2m

     Measuring, controlling, adjusting with this sensor...   =>    UNIKLIMA vario

Please also check to what extent our automatic, network-able, measured value registration and control device UNIKLIMA vario fully meets your requirements already.

  • registration of climatic data
  • process controlling and monitoring, generating and switching of alarm notifications

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