Sensor combination air temperature / relative humidity with standard output 4..20mA

  • parallel registration of air temperature and relative humidity

  • laser-trimmed measuring sensor

  • hardware-based compensation of the temperature course

  • laser-trimmed measuring sensor 

  • durable casing

     Order number
  • 10171

The sensor combination air temperature / relative humidity is used for the measurement of the air temperature and the relative humidity in connection with UNIKLIMA. According to standard, it is fastened on an aluminium cross beam in 2 m height with an optionally available radiation protection . The cross beam may be fastened to the 2 m - or 10 m - mast system available by the TOSS GmbH or to each mast supplied by the user.

The air temperature sensor and the humidity sensor can also be supplied individually in each case.

The air temperature sensor consists of a temperature-dependent silicon regulated current source, whereby there is no influence on the measuring signal / accuracy by the sensor line resistance / conduit length. Of course, on customer's request, we also supply the conventional PT100 .

The humidity sensor is structured as a planar multi-layer sensor and is equipped with a complex software temperature compensation.


     Technical data
Air temperature

Measuring range: -40... +60C
Resolution: 0.1 K
Absolute measuring error: 0.2 K (-20... +50C) or 0.3 K (-40... +60C)

Relative humidity

Measuring range: 0... 100 %
Resolution: 0.1 %
Measuring error : 3 % (0... 100%)
Linearity: 0.5 % typically
 time: 30 s (in slowly moved air with 25C)
Application temperature: -40... +60C

Electric output 2x: 4... 20mA
Operating voltage: 15...30V DC
Dimensions: diameter 20x1300 - diameter 10mm
shielded two-wires cable: 2m

     Measuring, controlling, adjusting with this sensor...   =>    UNIKLIMA vario

Please also check to what extent our automatic, network-able, measured value registration and control device UNIKLIMA vario fully meets your requirements already.

  • registration of climatic data
  • process controlling and monitoring, generating and switching of alarm notifications

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