UV broadband sensor with standard output 4..20mA

  • waterproof cosine receiver

  • suitable for outdoor use

  • separately available as UVA, UVB or UVC sensor and with different calibrations

  • signal output 420 mA (also available as 05 V)

     Order number
  • 10198

The broadband UV sensor is a waterproof cosine receiver (plastic housing IP65). On request the sensor is available with different calibrations and separately also as UVA, UVB or UVC sensor.

The sensor has an internal measuring amplifier and is shielded against electromagnetic interference. It is based on a Silicon Carbide (SiC) UV photodiode, which guarantees highest radiation hardness, long term stability and >105 visible blindness (ratio of UV to Vis-IR sensitivity).


     Technical data
Absolute sensitivity: sensor specific between 10mW/cm2..100mW/cm2
Spectral sensitivity: UV broadband
Signal output: 4..20 mA
Connecting cable: 2 m
Temperature coefficient: 0,035 %/K
Operating temperature: -20..+60 C
Storage temperature: -40..+60 C

Connecting diagram 05 V
V0 = brown
V+ = white
Out = green
Shield = black

Connecting diagram 420 mA
     Measuring, controlling, adjusting with this sensor...   =>    UNIKLIMA vario

Please also check to what extent our automatic, network-able, measured value registration and control device UNIKLIMA vario fully meets your requirements already.

  • registration of climatic data
  • process controlling and monitoring, generating and switching of alarm notifications

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