UK_TOSS  standard version / UK_TOSS Basic

  • extensive analysis, communication and archiving software for MS Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • fully automatic recall of meteorological data with detailed logging: Ethernet-FTP, GSM, modem, serial
  • graphic and numeric representation
  • mathematical analysis functions, summation, local extrema, smoothing etc.
  • possibility of keyboard input for meteorological data
  • conversion functions, Excel export
  • special wind diagrams
     Order number
  • UK_TOSS Standard: 30200
  • UK_TOSS Basic: 30300

The UK_TOSS software for MS Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 offers a variety of possibilities for representation, analysis and handling of meteorological data, including the organisation of data retrieval and communication with the automatic weather station UNIKLIMA.

The data retrieval from the weather station UNIKLIMA is done alternatively over Ethernet-FTP (UNIKLIMA vario/net), modem (telephone network) or a serial cable (UNIKLIMA 7) on location. The software offers the possibility to retrieve the data fully automatic or manually and at any intervals.

Archiving is done in 7 different time intervals (values per minute, hour and day, as well as one freely selectable interval), whereby each data pool can be processed manually by keyboard input.

UK_TOSS standard supplies different converters as an interface to other programs.

The data representation is done graphically and numerically. The graphic display as sensor-time-diagram offers extensive positioning and adaptation possibilities, such as:

  • representation starting from certain point in time
  • graphic zoom / selectable graph shape
  • separate / overlapping graph display
  • equal or variable scaling of the graphs
  • sensor representation with min/max graphs
  • display of up to 5 borderlines for each sensor

The numeric representation comprises the display in data records starting from any point in time, as well as the alternative selection by sensors or time.

The print out is realised in colour or black and white using different line types.

UK_TOSS standard comprises mathematical analysis functions for any periods:

  • totals / mean value
  • local extreme values / graph rises
  • mathematical smoothing

For the representation of wind data a special wind direction / velocity diagram and a 3D-diagram for wind direction / wind height are offered.

A detailed help function (program description) facilitates the first steps into working with UK_TOSS. Additionally a PDF version of the UK_TOSS manual is part of the installation.

Please note that the inexpensive basic version UK_TOSS Basic can not be extended by our other software modules. The contents of the software are identical to standard version.


     System requirements
  • Intel Pentium processor (or compatible) or higher
  • MS Windows 9x / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • 512 MByte RAM
  • 100 MByte of hard disk space
  • Ethernet connection for UNIKLIMA vario / net or free RS 232 interface for modem or direct connection to UNIKLIMA 7 / net / vario
  • 1 free USB socket
  • screen resolution at least 1024768

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