Wind module

  • software module for analysis and statistical evaluation of wind data (velocity, direction, height)
  • mean daily / yearly variation 
  • histograms for calm air and velocity profiles 
  • wind dynamics 
  • polar representation of wind direction and velocity in m/s or Beaufort 
  • 3D-representation for rise of wind direction (in connection with 3D-wind measuring system)
     Order number
  • 30430

The wind module serves to analyze and statistically evaluate wind data based on those registered with UK_TOSS standard version (velocity, direction and rise). Therefore, this module has to be used in connection with UK_TOSS only.

Daily-/Weekly-/Monthly or /Yearly variation
This module functions represents daily, weekly, monthly or yearly courses of the wind parameters (velocity, velocity maximum, direction and rise) with the appropriate mean course and standard deviation as a separate graph or as a interval of the mean value graph.

The histogram represents the frequency distribution of wind data by columns showing the frequency of the single measuring values. The flexibly designable column diagrams can be used for the sensors wind velocity, velocity maximum, direction and rise. It is possible to vary the measuring value range and the numbers of columns at will. A data filter permits fading in or out expected hours, weekdays, days per month and months, respectively. Velocity profiles can be prepared by defining any wind velocity ranges, e.g. a calm air profile within 0-2 m/s.

Wind dynamics: change of velocity
The representation of changes in wind velocity combines velocity and rise reflections by a frequency distribution of the wind velocity differences of successive measuring values. A data filter permits fading in or out expected time units.

Wind dynamics: wind maximum and average
This function represents a diagram of the relation between mean wind velocity and wind maximum as a linear function.

Representation of wind, direction and velocity
The module offers a special polar representation of wind direction and velocity, which shows an outline of the given wind situation and its temporal process. The course can be pursued as an animation. The third coordinate " time " is given by the colour coding of the measuring points. A data pre-processing enables a fading out of certain velocity ranges and, thus, represents an assistance for the wind data analysis. The representation can be realized in Beaufort or m/s.

Representation of wind direction and angle of ascent
A special 3D-representation illustrates the behaviour of wind direction and rise (wind height). The coloured representation of the individual values again enables their temporal allocation.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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