Plant protection module 2
   Fire blight  (Erwinia amylovora)

  • software module for subsequent processing of climatic data for fire blight prognosis according to Dr. Friedhelm Berger 1997
  • free setting of parameters: calculation period, blossom time / post blossom time, callus-event 
  • varietal susceptibility factors for 52 varieties
  • 2 representation diagrams
  • log of the incubation periods
     Order number
  • 30320

The plant protection module 2 serves to the prognosis of fire blight incubation periods based on meteorological data registered with UK_TOSS standard version. Therefore, this module has to be used  in connection with UK_TOSS only.



For the determination of the incubation periods, different parameters can freely be defined  according to the respective local conditions:

  • calculation period
  • blossom time
  • post blossom times
  • callus-events
  • Varietal susceptibility coefficients

For the definition of the sort susceptibility coefficients, either the program-integrated 52 apple, pear and document varieties are to be used or own coefficients to be defined.



For the representation of the fire blight incubation periods, there is the possibility to choose between two graphic and one numeric type of representation.
It is possible for the diagram to display or fade out the start infection risk.
The incubation periods prognosticated in the calculation period are logged numeric-chronologically.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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