Plant protection module 3
   Vine-peronospora module (downy mildew)

  • software module for the subsequent processing of climatic data for vine-peronospora prognosis (downy mildew)
  • determination of the spore concentration after a primary infection in [ % ] 
  • determination of the incubation process for secondary infections
  • representation diagrams for up to 10 parallel running incubation periods
  • day/night regulation (light/darkness) definable by sun position calculation, density of light or global radiation sensor
     Order number
  • 30460

The plant protection module 3 serves to prognosticate vine-peronospora based on meteorological data registered with UK_TOSS standard version. Therefore this module has to be used  in connection with UK_TOSS only.



For the determination of the primary infection and the incubation periods, climatic parameters are used as hourly means for air temperature, humidity and leaf wetness, as well as a complex parameter Q0  determined in the weather station UNIKLIMA every minute.

Different parameters can be defined freely:

  • calculation period
  • sensor selection for light/dark evaluation (sunrise, - fall, density of light, global radiation)

From meteorological data, first the available spore concentration after a primary infection is determined, which is represented in the sensor "Sporen" within 0...100 %. Then, with the help of the spore concentration and the  weather influences, incubation graphs are determined for secondary infections, whereby max. ten parallel incubating periods (sensors "Inkubation1" to "Inkubation10") are calculated and represented. In each case the graphs begin at the point in time of the calculated infection and are cumulated up to the level of 100 %, i.e. the point in time, on which the first symptoms at the plants become visible.

For better orientation the individual curves were provided with two pre-defined boundary lines in each case, which are the 10% and 100% values for the spore concentration, since a concentration smaller 10% is not sufficient anymore for an infection, and the 80% and 100% values for the incubation graphs, respectively.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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