Plant protection module 4
   Vine mildew - Oidium


  • Software module for the subsequent treatment of climatic data to the vine mildew prognosis (Oidium)

  • Support for the estimate of the infection risk by the Oidium fungus

     Order number
  • 30465

The vine mildew module, an extension module to UK_TOSS, serves the Oidium prognosis on the basis of the meteorological data registered with UK_TOSS standard version according to the model of Dr. Kast (D Weinsberg).


     Prognosis and representation

From hour values for air temperature, relative humidity and leaf wetness with the UNIKLIMA wheater stations registered an index for the daily infection pressure is determined.
The Oidium fungus develops favouritely at high pressure weather conditions without precipitation, temperatures between 20 and 25C and high nocturnal humidity.
The determined infection curve is plotted as daily index value between 0 and 100%. The period which can be calculated is freely definable and the curve in this area can be viewed or scaled at will.



The Oidium danger can be estimated on the basis of the run of the infection pressure curve. Rising or continuously high values over 60% show a large risk of infection, while falling or low index values under 40% mean a small risk of infection. For better orientation pre-defined boundary lines were inserted, which mark the values of 40 and 60%, which are important for the evaluation.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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