Spray module including administration of agricultural areas


  • software module for the automatic monitoring of the assigned sprays on the basis of the local climatic data

  • determination of the curative and protective duration of effect

  • selection of spray according to duration of effect

  • monitoring of the drying time

  • monitoring of washing off

  • following of the leaf increase

  • representation diagrams parallel to the plant pest prognosis

  • logs for spray application

  • free management of the spray catalog and the spraying dates

     Order number
  • 30450

The plant protection spray module serves the following of the duration of effect of selected sprays. There are possibilities for monitoring, logging and archiving of your spray applications in the year of treatment for various agricultural areas, different pathogenic agents and leaf fertilizations. The climatic conditions at the location form the basis for this. The in such a way entered application data represents the base for the account in the context of integrated production.

With this universal module the effect of spray can be monitored, archived and proven for all available plant protection modules on a uniform base. 
The module can be used only in connection with the UK_TOSS standard version for MS Windows as well as the one of prognosis models one of our plant protection modules.
The module contains an administration of agricultural areas (for description see module for administration of agricultural areas).


To determine the duration of effect of the sprays there are calculated the climatic parameters air temperature, precipitation according to the database (hourly or daily) with the parameters of freely definable spray database.
Different parameters can be defined freely:

  • selection of the suitable sprays

  • concentration

  • drying time

  • washing off

  • curative and protective duration of effect as a function of the temperature



The duration of effect for the assigned sprays is displayed in a separate window parallel to the prognosis curve of the appropriate plant protection module. Over a different colouring as well as the different strength of the beams the effect of an assigned sprays is documented. The assigned means are divided according to the prognosis models into different categories (fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, antibiotics, leaf fertilizers), which are administered separately. Over the input of several parallel applications, tank mixtures or added leaf fertilizer can be managed.


     Spraying dates, sprays, logs

Spraying dates

This function allows the definition of the individual spraying dates. A prerequisite for the definition of the spraying dates is that the assigned spray were determined before. Testing the curative period of effectiveness of different means parallel to the infection curve enables a meaningful central selection.



The user has the possibility of defining new sprays or of modifying the duration of effect (beginning of resistance formation / new mixtures / other concentrations).



This function enables the creating of a spraying log with chronologically arranged spraying dates, the proof of the used means, the concentration and the respective duration of effect as well as your special remarks at the point in time of the yield.


     Administration of agricultural areas - Characteristics
  • Software module for the separate administration of agricultural areas within UK_TOSS
  • Area specific calculation of infection curves and prognosis data for different models
  • Use of climatic data of one wheater station for a multiplicity of areas

The module for administration of agricultural areas offers the possibility of administering beside wheater stations also sub-stations or agricultural areas.
Several areas can be assigned to one wheater station. This offers the possibility of processing data of a wheater station according to local conditions for different agricultural areas i.e. of configuring the models and of calculating the prognosis models for each separat area. The data of the wheater station can be transferred automatically at determined points in time to the appropriate areas, so that the calculations always take place with the most current data.

This module can be used only in connection with UK_TOSS for MS Windows.

Agricultural areas can be processed and administered like wheater stations. Thus all functions and modules of UK_TOSS (incl. water balance, temperature sums, apple scab, downy mildew of vine and fire blight) are available for the separat areas.

The module contains functions for the re-creation, opening and parameterizing of agricultural areas. The climatic data of the wheater station which forms the base can be transferred manually at any or automatically at pre-defined points in time respectively in determined intervals to the areas.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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