Frost warning module

  • software module for frost warning  to avoid frost damages, e.g. at flower buds, by means of freeze protection spraying

  • freely parameterizable:
    - calculation time
    - warning and sounding the all-clear threshold
    - damp temperature of the psychrometer or calculation from air temperature and relative dampness

  • warning calling during frost warning

     Order number
  • 30470

The frost warning module is an additional module of the UK_TOSS software and helps  to avoid frost damages at flower buds, by signalling the obtaining of the recommended switching on temperature for the freeze protection spraying.  The decision is based on the temperature at the "wet" thermometer. This damp temperature can be directly registered by a sensor (psychrometer) or calculated from other meteorological data.
The frost warning module offers functions for the calculation and representation of the damp temperature as well as for detecting and warning with achieving a critical frost situation.
The module can only be used  in connection with UK_TOSS standard version.




The damp temperature can be registered directly by a sensor if a psychrometer is attached to your weather station. On the other hand it is possible to calculate the damp temperature from air temperature and relative dampness . The sensors used for this are freely selectable. The decision criterion for the frost warning is the damp temperature. Switching on the freeze protection spraying is recommended, if the temperature amounts to 0C at the wet thermometer. The frost warning module is not strictly fixed on a warning with 0C, but enables the input of a non-standard value. By input of a higher temperature warning value an earlier warning and a larger response time are possible. In order to avoid the oscillating between frost warning and 'all-clear' signal ,  the input of an all-clear threshold for the damp temperature is possible.



The damp temperature can be plotted together with other meteorological data. For the immediate visual evaluation of the course of the damp temperature, boundary lines for frost warning and the all-clear temperature values are automatically displayed.
In the case of emergency, the frost warning for a weather station is displayed with a red warning window and additionally a warning calling can be made to any selectable telephone number.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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