True hop mildew according to Engelhard

  • software module for the processing of climatic data => prognosis for the fight against the true mildew in the hop
  • freely configurable module, it offers the possibility of user-specific modelling
  • current, hourly calculation and graphical display of the prognosis curve
  • the present prognosis situation is signalled by a boundary line and its colour
  • time-exact climatic data is available parallel to the prognosis
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The module true hop mildew according to Engelhard serves the computation of a prognosis for the fight against the true mildew in the hop on the base of weather data seized by UK_TOSS. Therefore this module can be used only in connection with UK_TOSS.

The model true hop mildew according to Engelhard is based on current research results and investigations of the Bavarian National Institute of Agriculture. It is explicitly pointed out that it concerns only a model for the time being, and no guarantee for correct spraying recommendations can be given.

At the true hop mildew according to Engelhard the days are divided into two periods. In principle an appeal to spray susceptible sorts takes place if certain conditions are fulfilled at five consecutive day periods. Only at Hallertauer Magnum and Hallertauer Taurus, in very critical locations, it can be shortened to four day periods. At less susceptible sorts such as Spalter Select or Hallertauer Tradition it should be tested with a spraying if six successive daily sections apply.



The parameters for the computation of the prognosis are freely selectable:

  • period of calculation
  • phases of the day
  • threshold values for global radiation, temperature and precipitation

A new calculation of the prognosis takes place automatically after each retrieving of data.



The graphical representation of the prognosis curve along with the meteorological data sensors offers further analysis functions, e.g.:

  • summation, calculation of the average of values of a freely definable period
  • determination of local minimum-/maximum values, the minimal/minimum rise
  • inclusion of boundary lines or
  • smoothing of the curve for sliding views

Flexible boundary lines allow it to seize the probability of the occurrence of the illness at a glance. The colour of the boundary lines for the sensor true hop mildew is set according to the most current prognosis value. There are the following risk classes:

class colour stage
0 white no risk of infection


yellow no risk of infection


spraying in locations with high risk of infection and at very susceptible sorts
5 red spraying appeal for susceptible sorts (HM, TU, NB, NU)
>= 6 red spraying appeal for all sorts

For further evaluation a protocol can be generated for any period that lists all occurred risk classes and groups them by cycles.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS  executably installed on PC

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