Formula interpreter

  • calculation of any new sensors/values by freely editable, complex formulas
  • up to 20 input sensors and up to 20 output sensors / interim values can be defined
  • very flexible module for the implementation of custom calculation requirements
     Order number
  • 30810
By the module formula interpreter any new sensors can be calculated using freely editable, complex formulas, and be put into the data pool. Basis is weather data of the flexible measured values memory of UNIKLIMA weather stations retrieved by UK_TOSS. Therefore this module only can be used in connection with UK_TOSS Standard.

At "Sensor input assignment" up to 20 input sensors x0x19 can be defined. The up to 20 output sensors or interim values y0y19 are defined at "Sensor output assignment".

For the calculation of a yn all assigned x values and y values previously calculated by the formula interpreter (e.g. yn-1).

The following mathematical operators, functions and constants are supported:

  • +, - , *, /, ^ (Potenz), sqrt (Quadratwurzel)
  • max, min, abs
  • sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan
  • ln, log, log2
  • pi

Interlaced parenthesises are possible, e.g. ((a+b)+c)*d.

The following logical functions are available:

  • a<=b : 1 if a<=b, otherwise 0
  • a>b : 1 if a>b, otherwise 0

a and b must be real numbers, input values (x0x19) or values previously calculated by the formula interpreter (y0.. y19).

By activation of the corresponding option the formula interpreter is executed after each data retrieval and does all necessary calculations. A manually triggered calculation over any chosen calculation period is possible, as well.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS Standard executably installed on PC


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