Impulse counter for gas measuring instruments IZG1

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     Measuring functions in the weights and measures office

With the examination and measuring of gas meters with impulse exits the program under test and a normal counter with a continuous defined flow rate are subjected. The impulses delivered by the counters are counted and, after the evaluation, compared together  with the impulse priority corresponding in each case. The deviation of the results of the count enables a statement about the accuracy of the program under test. Two channels are combined into a logical group in each case, i.e. the differences between channel 1 and 2 or channel 3 and 4 are determined additionally, and the exceeding of a freely selectable maximum difference  is displayed online. This permanent channel comparison 1<=>2 and 3<=>4 is active in all 3 modes described in the following part.

The electronic registration of the counting impulses is to be carried out in 3 different modes:

Mode 1 - manual registration
Counting the incoming impulses of the attached givers is started and terminated manually by operating the start / stop key. In addition all 4 counter channels are started and stopped at the same time .

Mode 2 - base-controlled
Counting the incoming impulses of the attached givers is started manually by operating the start / stop key and stopped automatically after the input of a preset number of impulses on one of the 4 channels. The number of impulses and the stopping, so-called base channel are freely selectable.

Mode 3 - time-controlled
This mode serves to directly determine the flow in m3/h. All incoming impulses are registered by a freely definable gate time and standardized by a functional connection to a value per hour. The different constants of the gas meters enter the mathematical measured value calculation by freely definable, so-called impulse values K1 to K4 .

A scanner integrated in the device enables a fast evaluation of the quality of the even registered impulses by a diagram of the function courses of one or several channels concerning the position of the trigger thresholds. For the implementation of this measuring function, the available universal impulse counter for gas measuring instruments was developed in direct coordination with the user, the weights and measures office Fürstenwalde.


  • 4 independent counter channels
  • Separate input amplifiers for each channel Ui = 0,1V... 20V
  • Separate insertable input filters for each channel
  • Link of  remote givers (impulses)
  • Link from givers to NAMUR
  • Max. counting frequency 20kHz (40kHz) for each channel
  • Counting scope 8 places (10 places) to 2147483647
  • Difference counter between channel 1 and 2 and between channel 3 and 4
  • Separate start / stop key
  • Supply of the counting gate function and a standard frequency 10kHz

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