Drying irradiation device at the edge of reflector of the BERII TBR 1 to 3

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The system serves to transport sample caps from the loading and unloading station to the irradiation position at the edge of reflector of the reactor BERII and the return motion of the caps via an abating station to the loading and unloading station after the course of the programmed irradiation time. The base device controls the temporal operational sequences of the sample transport, the irradiation and abating in the drying irradiation facility at the edge of reflector of the reactor TBR. Irradiation and abating times are freely programmable by the user. Additionally, a large number of system parameters is freely programmable in wide areas.


  • Electro-pneumatic controlling of the sample cap transport 
  • Microprocessor base SIEMENS SAB 80c537
  • Real-time clock for the time stamp
  • Determination of the dose rate of the ground
  • Measurement of the dose rate and release of the sample to be removed  in the abating station
  • Monitoring of: 4 reflex light barriers / 17 end position switches of the acting processes / 3 different printing values
  • Flow rate meter
  • Control of: 14 valves / 5 ball valves / 1 ring channel blower / 1 exhaust air blower
  • Creation and printout of an irradiation log with all available information
  • Key switch-secured manual control for recovery after exceptional cases

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