Sample transport facility PTE_1

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Included in the neutron activation analysis, the entire facility PTE_1 serves to quickly carry out the transportation of weakly activated sample caps from the reactor room to the more distant analysis and measuring room. Thereby, the straight distance to be bridged amounts to approx. 100m. Several rooms and safety barriers are to be crossed. Before, the sample caps were irradiated in a defined way by the irradiation facilities TBR, DBVK and DBVR.

So far, the transport was exclusively carried out by hand by coworkers of the HMI Berlin. For those it meant time-consuming, repeated channeling and moving. The measurement of short-lived isotopes is to be optimally organized.


  • Freely programmable control system consists of two single devices;  master slave principle
  • Microprocessor base SIEMENS SAB 80c537
  • Real-time clock for the time stamp
  • Communication master-slave over serial current loop (100m distance)
  • Master at loading station / Slave at unloading station
  • Separate signal registration and separate control of acting processes
  • Permanent updating of the information between master and slave
  • Control decision within master
  • Determination of the dose rate of the ground
  • Measurement of the dose rate and release of the sample to be removed
  • Monitoring of: 8 reflex light barriers and 16 end position switches of the acting processes
  • Control of: 6 valves / 5 ball valves / 1 ring channel blower 230V
  • Key switch-secured and password-protected manual control for recovery after exceptional cases

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