Hand RFID-Reader



The hand RFID-reader is a power-independent operable device for the check of RFID transponders in the running production process. The tags to be checked are addressed and acoustic and optical signals inform about the receipt of a UID number.

The hand RFID reader essentially consists of two parts: voltage supply with timeout control fed by accumulators and RFID reader ID CPR.02.VP/AB-A (RS232) from the company Feig Electronic.

A short pressing of the green ON-button activates the hand reader. The activation is indicated by the light of the orange LED. In this state the Feig reader permanently tries to read the ID of a tag. The device is active as long as the orange LED shines. After approximately 30 seconds the hand reader switches itself off again.

The Feig reader modules are programmed in such a way that they yield an audio signal sequence when a valid ID is recognized. Additionally the 5 green LED's arranged around the hand reader are rhythmically flashing up.

For programming / communication with the internal RFID reader of the company Feig a serial RS232 interface is available.


  • mobile, power-independent operable device for checking RFID transponders
  • the tags are addressed and the receipt of a UID number is signalled both acoustically and optically
  • tags above and below the hand reader can be recognized
  • communication with a PC over serial RS232 interface
     Technical data
Case: plastic material ABS
Dimensions: 146mm 91.5mm 32.7mm (lwh)
Weight: ca 330 g
Degree of protection: IP 54

Voltage supply: 4 NiMH-accu 1.2V 2100mAh Typ AA
Current consumption: ca 2.6W

Range of temperature:
-25C to +60C
-40C to +85C
Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing

Antenna: internal ca 70mm 70mm
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Transmitting power: 250mW 2 dB

Supported types of transponders:

  • ISO 14443-A compatible (e.g. mifare, mifare Ultra Light, my-d proximity)
  • ISO 14443-B compatible
  • ISO 15693 compatible (e.g. I.Code SLI, Tag-It HFI, my-d vicintiy, STM LRI512
  • I.Code 1
  • RS232C
  • length of cable maximally 10m
  • configuration by factory: 38400, 8, 1, even parity

To the scope of supply belong:

  • 1 hand reader
  • 1 microprocessor-controlled battery charger

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