The TOSS Intelligente Meßtechnik und Automatisierung GmbH (TOSS Intelligent Measuring Technique and Automation Ltd) is an innovative enterprise led by engineers skilled in the subjects of electronics, software and mechanic development. There are two fundamental areas the enterprise is based upon:

     Customized construction of special devices - scientific instrument making

Whenever an industrial series product is missing, does not fit your requirements anymore, or, simply, if there is still  no technological basic concept, we are your partner for  special problem solutions  from the idea to the finished product or up to the series.

  • Project engineering, planning, development, programming and manufacturing of customized micro controller timing and electronic components
  • Prototype manufacturing, starting, maintenance and customer service
  • Taking over and execution of mechanical tasks of manufacturing in cooperation with experienced regional manufacturing companies
    Own product range
  • Network-able weather station with branch specific software modules

  • Development, manufacturing and selling of "intelligent" measuring and evaluation technique applied to registration of climatic data and control, UNIKLIMA® with extensive software development C++ for Windows

  • Manufacturing of industrial sensors 4... 20mA

Typical fields of application of our products are, for example, in the

  • Electric power area / climatic influences
  • Agrarian meteorology / plant protection
  • Quality assurance of industrial manufacturing
  • Dump and deposit branch
  • Environmental area / alternative energy sources
  • Handling of goods / crane technology
  • Sending of automatic warning service signals

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