TOSS plug-in module SC143

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The TOSS plug-in module SC143 is a compact module with plug connectors, with a 5V power supply, based on the IPC@CHIP® SC143 of the company Beck IPC. It was developed in order to be able to make the high functionality of the Beck SC 143 available also for single applications, tasks of development or applications in small numbers of items. The technologically higher requirements of the BGA 177 base soldering are avoided for the user by the integrated socket for the SC143 and the adaptation from BGA 177 balls to plug connectors in double rows of the TOSS plug-in module. This brings substantial advantages for the development, the manufacturing and the service/repair of circuits with this complex processor. In this way own products can be put on the level of the IPC SC143 simply and quickly with acceptable change of layout. With the available internal 8MB RAM and 8MB ROM and the external memory expansion SD/USB more complex solutions can be realized compared with the SC12/13.


     Order number
  • 13010: TOSS plug-in module SC143 without USB and SD
  • 13011: TOSS plug-in module SC143 with USB interface and SD connector
     Technical data
  • processor IPC@CHIP (96MHz, 8MB RAM / 8MB Flash)

  • power supply 5V
  • 3,3V power provision on the module
  • clock generator 25MHz on the module
  • USB 1.1 interface host or device switchable (only in 13011)
    large and small socket available, compatible to the DK60
    driver available from BECK, EXTUSB.EXE
    download from Beck,, at software examples
  • SD card slot on the adapter, compatible to the DK60 (only in 13011)
    driver available from BECK, EXTSD.EXE
    download from Beck,, at software examples
  • Ethernet status LED on the adapter
  • 3,3V power supply for external circuitries (Ethernet transformer) led out
  • connection pin, double-row plug connectors in 2,54mm raster, gold plated
  • pug-in module available as complete Eagle symbol, starting from version 4.1x
  • dimensions 75mm x 45mm
  • height 15mm with connector pins

available / led out connections:

  • all PIO connections (PIO 0 to PIO 31)
    5V compatible
  • Ethernet 0 – interface TXP, TXN, RXP, RXN
  • UART 0 TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS complete
  • UART 1 TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS complete
  • UART 2 TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS complete
  • USB interface USBP, USBN
  • I2C interface I2CCLK, I2CD
  • INT1, INT3
  • RESET connection
  • PCS0, PCS1, PCS2, PCS3
  • supply of internal 3,3V/0,5A voltage
    (deducting USB load)

   TOSS plug-in module SC143 as Eagle-Symbol

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