TOSS-LCD DK51 - Graphic display with IC extension for BECK DK51

  • Graphic display black/green with 128 x 112 pixels, temperature-stabilized
  • Background lighting can be switched on/off
  • 8 push buttons connected by I2C (PCF8574A)
  • 4 colored LEDs (red/green/yellow/blue) connected by I2C
  • 1 Piezo Beeper
  • 1 PCF8563 clock component connected by I2C with backup capacitor
  • 1 EEPROM component 16k connected by I2C
  • 2x 8-bit digital I/O PCF8574A
  • 8-bit A/D and D/A converter PCF8591T
  • Connection by flat cables
  • Voltage supply by motherboard
  • Supply of TOSS LCD DK51 completely installed "ready to use" with connection diagrams
  • Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 35 mm
  • Assembly at the DK51 intended with spacer pins
  • Optionally: Front panel
    (prefabricated, may be labeled by ALUCOREX)

  • driver "light" as OBJ - file for graphic display (BORLAND C++ 5.02)

     Order number
  • 13000

The graphic extension of the DK51 of the company Beck is equipped with a 128x112 pixel LC display and 8 push buttons (PCF8574A). The background lighting can be switched on and off. 4 colored LEDs (red, green, yellow, blue), a Piezo Beeper, a clock component (PCF8563) with backup capacitor as well as a 16k-EEPROM are integrated, which are connected by an I2C bus.

Two 8-bit In-Output Ports (PCF8574A) and an 8-Bit-A/D and D/A Converter are available.

Voltage supply is made by the motherboard (Beck DK51). The boards are connected by a provided flat cable. Optionally a prefabricated front panel is supplied, which can be labeled by ALUCOREX.

The packet contains a driver for controlling the display in form of an OBJ file (BORLAND C++ 5.02). The driver supports the initialization, formatted text output (including the definition of special characters) and graphic functions (line, circle). Optionally the source files (written in C) can be supplied.

A demo program shows the output functions, the control of the LEDs, the reading of the clock as well as the push buttons.


     Technical data

Voltage supply: no external supply necessary, made by DK51
Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 35 mm

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