Multiple standard current interface module (12x20mA)
   with serial input RS232

  • intelligent processor-controlled 20mA current interface card 
  • transfers up to 12 sensor signals to 12 standard current outputs 
  • programmable range limitations (current max, min boundarys)
  • large dissolution of measuring range (16bit/0.3A)
  • serial data transfer by measured value protokol (RS232)
     Order number
  • 10200

The current interface module serves the output of up to any 12 climatic parameters as 20mA standard signals. When used as additional plug-in card for the automatic weather station UNIKLIMA parallel to the regular functions of the climatic data measurement and storage these 12 additional outputs can be supplied permanendly. Each output channel is software-calibrated separately and enables the definition of current maximum and minimum boundaries. The inputs are taken over by serial log (RS232) and are therefore easy adaptable so also for other cases of application.

Fields of application
Possible cases of application are predominantly in the instrumentation signal supply given, where it concerns the feed from standard signals.
Automatic control engineering, instrumentation, climatic data registration, laboratory and environmental technology, generally in industry and agriculture


     Technical data

12 separate current outputs

electrical output range: 0... 20mA (costomize range is possible any max and Min boundarys within the area)

Dissolution: 0.0003 mA (16bit)

Measured value input over RS232 (9600/8/1/n)

Current supply: +5/12V from UNIKLIMA

Dimensions: 160x100-plug in-card

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