Ultrasonic wind measuring system

  • registration of wind direction and wind velocity
  • ultrasound measurement between north south and east west
  • long lifetime
     Order number
  • 10180 RS232
  • 10181 2 4..20mA

The 2 dimensional ultrasonic wind measuring system is very robust with no moving parts and thus very durable. The sensor measures wind direction and velocity. The principle of operation is based on the determination of the times taken for an ultrasonic pulse to travel from north to south or west to east respectively. 

The sensor contains a serial interface (RS232) to output the wind data. Alternatively an analog signal can be provided (4..20mA).


     Technical data

Registration of  wind velocity:
Measuring range: 0... 60 m/s
Resolution: 0.01 m/s

Registration of  wind direction:
Measuring range: 0... 360
Resolution: 1

air temperature  -35.. +70C

RS232: 10180
Analog: (4..20mA) 10181

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