Energy module

  • software module for subsequent processing of climatic data and load courses under energetic-technical criteria
  • mean load courses (day, week, month)
  • trend calculations
  • daily degree number regulation
  • correlation analysis (between outside temperature and heat load course, electric power consumption and density of light etc.)
     Order number
  • 30420

The energy module serves to subsequent processing meteorological data registered with UK_TOSS standard version and load courses imported from LEDAN under energetic-technical criteria. Therefore, this module is to be used  in connection with UK_TOSS only.



The correlation analysis enables the investigation of dependencies between parameters, e.g. between weather and load course data. In addition, optionally a data pre-processing is to be activated.
Instruments for correlation analysis:

  • freely programmable non-linear correlation functions
  • graphically definable check surfaces for fading out values for the analysis
  • switching off certain periods and weekdays

Particularly in the energy area (LEDAN), this function is applicable for the analysis of special producers / consumers, i.e. for the analysis of the consumption characteristic in dependence of certain weather parameters.


     Mean load courses

The module has a function for the representation of daily, weekly or monthly load courses with the appropriate mean load courses.


     Trend calculation

The trend calculation enables a prognosis of the expected energy load course or consumption of heat or gas, respectively.

Statistical values form the basis for this prognosis, i.e. the mean daily load course is analyzed and linked with the characteristic of the current load course. Connected with it, the period, which is the basis for the determination of the mean daily load course, is freely definable. In addition, special weekdays are to be faded in or out.


     Daily degree number

Particularly for heat supply systems, there is the possibility of determining the daily degree number as a characteristic value for the heat consumption.

The daily degree number is calculated from the daily averages of the air temperature, whereby the heating temperature limit (+15C) and the mean ambient temperature (+20C) ) were determined according to VDI 2067 page 1.

The daily degree number is  to be determined (graph representation) sequentially, or as a value for a certain period.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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