Mixing module

  • complex software module for linking meteorological data of different stations, spreading to other manufacturers, too
  • linking of forecast calculations of models
  • graphic linking of sensors of any weather stations
  • graphic and numeric representation
  • analysis functions (total, average,...)
     Order number
  • 30410

With the help of this module, the station-spreading combination of most diverse weather, energy, special plant protection or dump sensors is possible, which must be combined within the standardizing software base of  UK_TOSS. Also, data pool conversions are supported, which enable comparisons of different producers of weather stations.

Since the module uses data of available weather stations, the only possibility of usage is in connection with  UK_TOSS.


     Areas of application
  • comparative analysis of meteorological data (air temperature, precipitation,...) of neighboring or more distant locations
  • confrontation of sensor values (air temperature, precipitation,...) of different producers (e.g. UNIKLIMA and BIOMAT)
  • conversion of available data pools ( hourly to daily averages), for comparison with other data records (daily averages)
     Representation and analysis

The data are edited and represented numerically or graphically. A once defined mixing matrix can be modified and updated again at any time.

For further analysis, boundary lines, overlapping representation and calculation functions, like summation, average value formation, calculation of rise and local extrema can be used.


     System requirements
Software UK_TOSS executably installed on PC

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