Stationary 10m mast system

(see also Mobile 2m mast system)

  • stationery applicable divided telescope mast
  • 2 x  3 anchoring wires with anchors - high stability
  • base plate with anchors for foundation
  • 100% stainless - almost unlimited life span
  • optional lightning protection
     Order number
  • 11002

The stationary 10 m mast system offers the possibility to the user to task-specifically fasten sensor technology according to required guidelines and  local conditions. A high firmness and an almost unlimited life span are given  by a high-grade steel construction. The mast installation requires a fixed foundation.

The stationary mast system consists of a divided telescope mast with four mast segments and an optional wind segment. Therefore, the individual segments are  transportable by car without problems. The base plate is able to swivel and rotate and  is equipped with anchors for a concrete foundation, and the mast base fastened on it can be turned up to 60 for installation and adjustment. The bracing is made by 2 x 3 high-grade steel ropes, which are fastened by anchors in optional concrete foundations. The rough adjustment is made by chains and the fine adjustment by means of turnbuckles.

The sensors are fastened to an optional cross beam 2 m above ground according to the guidelines of the German Weather Service. The interior of the mast serves as cable run for the wind sensors.

The equipment with lightning protection at the mast and with peripheral tie beam in the ground is optional - a lightning protection company can be placed.



It must be noted for the installation of the mast system that the cross beam attachment is aligned in north south direction. For the accurate determination of the wind direction one horizontal axis must be aligned to the north and the second one to the east.

=> see 2D - wind measuring system / 3D - wind measuring system


     Technical data

Telescopic mast 10m (9400 mm, overall height with wind sensors 10 m)
Stainless steel (1.4301) X5CrNi18-10
Glass bead blasted & E-polished
1x foot complete
3x fastening anchors
3x wire rope set lg 9800 mm cpl. with Turnbuckle
3x wire rope set lg 6550 mm cpl. with Turnbuckle
12x shackles M5
1x pipe 70.0x2.9x2600 mm with bracket
1x pipe 60.3x2.9x2600 mm with Flange and bracket
1x tube 51.0x2.0x2600 mm
1x tube 44.5x2.0x2500 mm with Flange and. bracket
including screws, threaded rods and nuts etc.

Base plate: 400 x 400 mm

Cross beam attachment for sensors:
200 x 50 x 5 mm
Hole spacing: 160 mm
Diameter: 6.4 mm

Mast: 36 kg
Mast base: 13 kg

Total  weight (incl. all sensors and lightning protection): 79.10 kg

A drawing is available for further information:

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