Global radiation sensor GBV


  • registration of the global radiation of the sun
  • automatic dynamic adjustment by 3 amplification levels and automatic gate time adjustment (only in connection with UNIKLIMA)
  • internal temperature compensation
     Order number
  • 10141
     Fields of application

The sensor  is assigned for the calculation of solar energy systems (correlation analysis global radiation - electric power, => see also energy module, order  number: 30420), in  agriculture or  for different evaporation models (=> see water balance, order number: 30440).



The global radiation sensor is used in connection with UNIKLIMA for the determination of the solar radiation in nature.
According to standard, it is fastened on an aluminum cross beam in 2 m height.
The cross beam may be fastened to the 2 m or 10 m mast system available by the TOSS GmbH or to each mast supplied by the user.

The sensor should be placed avoiding shadows by any objects of the environment, best on the cross beam in south direction.


     Technical data
Measurement range: 0...1200W/m2
Spectral range: 380... 1100 nm
Application temperature: -25... +70C
Internal temperature compensation: 300 ppm/C

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