Automatic quartz glass-melting facility VBQ 20

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The system serves to automatic handling of quartz tubes in the flame of an oxyhydrogen burner. It targets the production and the seal of quartz glass ampoules for irradiation in the reactor of the neutron activation analysis including the experiences with the VBQ 10.


  • Automat for melting down materials in quartz glass ampoules
  • Microprocessor base SIEMENS SAB 80c537
  • Real-time clock for the time stamp
  • Compensation of the dexterity  of a glass blower
  • 3-prozessor system for the control of linear drives for positioning of the ampoules and the burner and 2 rotation drives for turning the ampoules
  • Very delicate adjustment of sensitivity for recognizing the transformation point of quartz glass
  • free editing of operational sequences by interactive training of the operational sequences regarding positions, times and run speeds
  • Storing and carrying out of a number of different operational sequences

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