Machine for the cleaning of quartz glass ampoules RAQ 10

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This automation variant serves to clean quartz glass ampoules to remove any deposits and pollution of the external wall of the ampoules, which might have deposited there during the whole of the preceding process periods. This complex cleaning process is necessary not to obtain falsifications of measured values in the following trace analysis. Extremely identical, reproducible prerequisites for the analysis are created by the freely programmable, automatic operation.   

In addition, the cleaning is carried out with very aggressive media. The baths contain the following substances: Hydrofluoric acid 40%, water, ethyl alcohol and acetone. The pieces coming into contact with the liquids are manufactured from teflon. With the RAQ -10, the manual activity is limited to the equipment of a magazine with quartz ampoules and its attachment in the machine.


  • Machine for the cleaning of quartz glass ampoules, processor base SIEMENS SAB 80c537
  • Real-time clock for the time stamp
  • Replacement of the unhealthy work of a laboratory assistant
  • Processor system for the control of: a linear drive for the positioning of the ampoules, a rotation drive for the turn and positioning of the plate with the cleaning media
  • simultaneous cleaning of up to 6 ampoules
  • freely editing of the run sequences by simple training
  • Storing or carrying out of several different course sequences
  • free selection of the process speeds, the distances and the retention times

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