TFB weather for the registration of air temperature, relative humidity and density of light

  • registration of air temperature, relative humidity and density of light
  • online data output by serial interface as ASCII log
  • measured values in 1 second pulse
     Order number
  • 10130

Autonomous measuring system for cyclic determination of  climatic parameters like air temperature, relative humidity and density of light. Although designed for climatic data production and view of correlation of  load course analysis supporting control systems in  the energy branch, it is usable for other applications, e.g. for physiological investigations in the area of internal jobs.

Main application:  in the energy area for finding data of load course influencing climatic parameters, e.g. as an intelligent sensor with the application of the ENERLOG ML 02X- registration device of the LEDAN- system.

The measuring system consists of a surface-protected attaching bracket inclusive fastening parts, on which the density of light sensor as well as a combination sensor for the determination  of air temperature and relative humidity are fitted. Electronics is completely installed and located in an IP 65 ABS plastic electronics case.


     Technical data
Air temperature
Measuring range: -50... +80C
Resolution: 0.1K
Absolute measuring error: 0.15 K (-20... +50C) or 0.3 K (-50... +80C)
Repetition accuracy: 0.05 K

Relative humidity
Measuring range: 0... 100 %
Resolution: 0.1 %
Measuring error: 3 % (0... 100%)
Linearity: 0.5 % typically
Response time: 30 s (in slowly moved air with 25C)
Application temperature: -40...+85C

Density of light
Measuring range: 0... 150 klux
Resolution: 0.001 klux

Radiation protection: 6 lamellas (4 openly, 2 closed)

Current supply: 5V DC / 90mA from ENERLOG ML 02x (LEDAN) directly possible

Data output: online - ASCII log with check sum by serial interface every second

Weight: 3.2 kg

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