Pathogenic agent monitoring in hop growing

  • completely installed cross beam with sensor technology for pathogenic agent prognosis 
  • downy mildew of  hop 
  • ground beetles
  • automatic weather station for data storage and graphic and numeric representation on the spot
     Components and order numbers
  • 20301
  • 10111
  • 10129
  • 10105
  • 10110
  • or 10116
  • 10106
  • 30200
     Components for extension for temperature distribution measurement


  • UNIKLIMA - logger
  • 4x2 (redundant) armored temperature sensors
  • 1x immersing thermometer (seeping water temperature)
  • 1x serial communication interface (20mA)

For the determination of the probability of occurring pathogenic agents (mildew, ground beetles) in  hop growing,  UNIKLIMA is offered with the appropriate  sensors and a special prognosis model within the weather station (hop index by Dr. Schmidt).

An output of a prognosis graph and an acoustic warning are given on the diagramable LC display of UNIKLIMA.

The soil thermometer is necessary for the determination and evaluation of the climbing period of the ground beetles.

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