Frost warning device UNIKLIMA frost


  • registration of climatic data of various meteorological sensors in different time intervals
  • automation tool, process controlling and monitoring, generation and switching of alarm notifications
  • Ethernet functionality
  • uninterruptible power supply (protection against power failure) - optional
  • integrated HTTP server with web page generation and FTP server
  • data transfer via network cable RJ45 by FTP
  • remote data transmission via GSM/GPRS radio or analog modem or WLAN
  • using DynDNS the data retrieval is possible world-wide over the WWW
  • sending of SMS and email
  • automatic data upload to FTP server
  • remote configuration via existing network connection
  • time synchronization by time server
  • webcam with live image from location
  • SNMP application for the use in network management
  • KNX interface for the use in facility management
     Order number
  • 20401

The automatic weather station UNIKLIMA vario with Ethernet functionality is used for the registration of climatic data as well as for process controlling and monitoring. It is an inexpensive complex data logger without keyboard and display, and it can be configured and managed through its network functionality via cable or remote data transmission by any PC or laptop.

As UNIKLIMA frost the weather station mainly serves to register air temperature and relative humidity in order to calculate the wet temperature from these values every minute and to derive a frost warning from it. According to freely definable warning or all-clear values of the wet temperature respectively a frost warning is done. Phone numbers entered by the user are dialed or SMS are sent by modem and so the warning is shown.

The data are stored in ASCII format and this way they can be imported and processed by any other PC software (e.g. Microsoft Excel). The recording rate of the weather data is freely definable (from 1 minute to 1 hour). Daily averages are stored, too.

An Ethernet interface (RJ45) allows the integration of the professional weather station UNIKLIMA frost into a local area network and the retrieval of meteorological data by TCP/IP. The weather station works as server for the weather data and it can be accessed from various clients in the net. By using DynDNS the data retrieval can be carried out worldwide via the World Wide Web (WWW). The UNIKLIMA frost gets an own IP address / domain name through the dynamic domain name system registration service, with which it is also accessible from the outside via the Internet.
Optionally the weather station can be a equipped with a modem (analog or GSM/GPRS radio modem).
In connection with a GSM/GPRS modem the UNIKLIMA frost can send SMS. There is distinguished between the auto answer mode (weather data on the mobile phone) and the sending of warning messages (e.g. frost warning, level states or exceedings).
In addition to the data retrieval from the UNIKLIMA frost it also is possible actively and scheduled to upload weather data from within the UNIKLIMA frost onto the FTP server of a customer or to send it as data file attachment of email.

The sending of coded weather information in SYNOP and METAR format per SMS or network connection is available.

Internationally available NTP time servers can be used for the automatic synchronization of the internal time base of the UNIKLIMA frost.

The UNIKLIMA frost can generate and switch alarm notifications. It has two digital switch outputs (relay 1 and 2), coming out at a socket row. Switching processes can be triggered over these outputs according to the currently measured sensor values and predefined switching conditions (examples of use: building automation, supply of climatic factors for process controls, monitoring of filter facilities, monitoring of levels, filling states, control systems for greenhouses, wind loads, squalls for cranes, controls for Venetian blinds and lighting, alarm messages).
For every switch output (relay) each 9 conditions for switching on and off freely can be chosen. The 9 conditions are combined in triple groups. Within each group the 3 switching conditions are logically combined by AND, the 3 groups are logically combined by OR.
With it controlling and regulation circuits can be realized on the base of climatic factors. Hereby their functional course is logged and stored in addition to the climatic data. Events can be sent by this tool via SMS as automatically generated messages.



Additionally a web server is integrated into the weather station UNIKLIMA frost. It makes an automatically generated web page available showing the measured current meteorological data, average values and tendencies. The web page can be retrieved from the weather station by any browser. It can be customized (logo, pictures and the name of the weather station).

(for better viewing click the picture please)

Optionally a webcam with live image from location can be installed for the enhancement of the web presence, a visual overview, protection against vandalism etc.

An introduction to our network functionality you can find here

For further information the documentation of the UNIKLIMA vario is available as PDF document:


     Technical data

Aluminum pressure-casting case:
High mechanical stability and good electromagnetic compatibility protection,
color grey, attaching brackets for wall mounting

Current supply:
Plug power pack, internal over voltage protection
network-independent accu powered real-time clock (RTC), synchronization by freely selectable NTP server (SNTP)

PC - interface:
Ethernet interface RJ45, optional internal modem (analog or GSM)

8 analog and 6 digital inputs
6 digital switch outputs (outputs 1 and 2 potential free as relay outputs)

Data format:
Daily averages
Flexible measured value memory:
also freely programmable collection intervals of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min
Data storage in internal Flash ROM (approx. 8 MB, allows storing of daily and hourly averages of more than a year)
optionally data storing on SD card (max. 8 GB, allows data storing of minutely values > 100 years)

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