Climatic data for wind power stations)

Air density, wind volume stream and wind power for energy balance
Network-able data logger with integrated web server (TCP / IP / FTP / HTML

  • compact data logger with flash data memory
  • digital registration and storing of the measured values in various time intervals
  • data retrieval over Ethernet interface (RJ45) TCP/IP by FTP
  • internal web server with automatically generated HTML page of the current climatic data, hourly and daily averages, and tendencies
  • freely programmable, potential free switch outputs
  • interruption-free current supply (power failure bridging) - optionally
  • automatic data retrieval, archiving, graphic and numeric representation with UK_TOSS basic - optionally
     Komponenten und Bestellnummern
  • 20301
  • 10180
  • 11005
  • 10105
  • 10111
  • 10151
  • 11004

The network-able weather station UNIKLIMA vario is a compact data logger with a flash data memory.

The data can be retrieved over an Ethernet interface (RJ45), a common PC network connection, by TCP/IP and FTP, using your normal Internet browser. For instance the data manually can be opened and processed in MS Excel. There is no need for additional weather station software. With the weather station UNIKLIMA vario a digital registration and storing of the measured values in various time intervals is possible (e.g. hourly and daily averages).

Furthermore the UNIKLIMA vario contains an internal web server. The internally generated HTML page of the weather station with the current climatic data, hourly and daily averages as well as  tendencies is downloadable at any time. If no direct network connection should be available locally, you should consider the use of our WLAN radio connection with integrated high speed directional antenna.

Additionally the UNIKLIMA vario has freely programmable, potential free switch outputs, which can control your machines / equipment depending on the weather conditions. Of course further sensors can be attached to the weather station.

The air density gets more and more importance for the energy balance calculation. Therefore we compute the air density from the parameters air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure. Over the additional wind parameter and the given rotor radius we compute the wind volume stream and the available wind power.

For more detailed information please read the documentation of the UNIKLIMA vario ( PDF document).

For an automatic data retrieval, archiving and a comfortable graphic and numeric representation and evaluation our optional standard software UK_TOSS basic is available.

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